Admission Schedule 2022-23

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DPS Fulbari
Class AGE CRITERIA (AS ON 31/3/2022)
NUR BORN BETWEEN 1/10/17 to 30/9/18
PREP BORN BETWEEN 1/10/16 to 30/9/17
Class I BORN BETWEEN 1/10/15 to 30/9/16
Class II BORN BETWEEN 1/10/14 to 30/9/15
Class III BORN BETWEEN 1/10/13 to 30/9/14
Class IV BORN BETWEEN 1/10/12 to 30/9/13
Class V BORN BETWEEN 1/10/11 to 30/9/12
Class VI BORN BETWEEN 1/10/10 to 30/9/11
Class VII BORN BETWEEN 1/10/09 to 30/9/10
Class VIII BORN BETWEEN 1/10/08 to 30/9/09
Class IX BORN BETWEEN 1/10/07 to 30/9/08
Admission Schedule 
Issuance of Registration Forms From 1st October 2021.
Registration Process Within two days of the issuance of Form.
Observation/Interaction [Nursery - Class IX] On the same day of registration.
Result of  [Nursery - Class IX] To be notified next day of observation/interaction.
Admission Process  [Nursery - Class IX] Within two days of announcement of result.