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Activities & Events

At DPS, Fulbari, we encourage and emphasised our students to go beyond classrooms and explore themselves by participating as much as activities and events to hone their physical abilities along with aspects like bonding and sportsmanship spirit. Every activity in school life plays a significant role in development of students and are meant to bring social skills, intellectual skills, moral values, personality progress and character appeal in students. The involvement of the students in various activities and events help them sharpen their communication skills, expression skills, public speaking, participation and sense of belongingness, personality development, to know cultural values. Students get to learn by cultural events including social, national and traditional events from different faiths including Gandhi Jayanti, Indepedence Day, RepubliDay, Swachcha Bharat Abhiyaan etc, and many more like a workshop on “Garbage Disposal” was organized at our school in order to make the students aware of the effects of pollution taking place in the surroundings. Workshop on Good Touch & Bad Touch - “Spread awareness to stay safe.” It is important to educate our children about any kind of physical, mental, emotional and psychological abuse.