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  • School activities / events conducted during the year 2019-20.


  1. 8th April 2019 - The second academic session 2019-20 commenced from 8th April, 2019 with the student strength of 290 from classes Nursery to VIII.


  1. 6th May, 2019 - Rabindra Jayanti Celebration - Rabindra Jayanti was celebrated on May 06, 2019. All the students along with the teachers paid homage to Nobel Laureate Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, followed by a dance performance by the students of Classes VI to VIII.


  1. 13th May 2019 – Sit & Draw Competition - To explore the creative potentials of children a sit and draw competition was conducted on 13th May 2019. Students of classes I to VIII enthusiastically participated in the activity. 


  1. 17th May, 2019 – PTM - The first Parent Teachers’ Meeting of the session 2019-20 was held on 17th May, 2019 for classes Nursery to VIII. It was an interactive session. The teachers discussed the academic and non academic performance of the students with their parents and guardians. As well as parents share their feedback and suggestion.


  1. 28th June, 2019 – Yoga (Boys & Girls)- The students from classes III- VIII impressively demonstrated the Yoga Asanas on 28th June, 2019 to unify and spread the message of this holistic approach to health.


  1. 29th June 2019 "Aadha Glass Pani". A wonderful workshop was organized by Dainik Jagran at our school premises promoting the awareness of water conservation with the motto "aadha Glass Pani". The children had interactions with the organizers and the workshop enabled the little learners to initiate and understand their vital role in the water saving process so that all can enjoy a better life in future.


  1. 2nd July, 2019 - Periodic Assessment-I The Periodic Assessment -I for the session 2019-20 was conducted in a halcyon manner, from 2nd July to 18th July, 2019. All the teachers experienced a sense of gratification looking at the broad picture of their students’ progress and achievement.


  1. 12th July 2019 – Bhanu Jayanti - The 206th birth anniversary of Aadikavi Bhanubhakta Acharya, Bhany Jayanti was celebrated on 12th July 2019. Children sang a tribute song, chanted the Ramayana in Nepali which is his (BhanuBhakta) most renowned work and performed a Nepali folk dance to end the celebration.


  1. 19th July 2019 – Athletic Meet (Boys & Girls) - It was a moment of pride and zeal for everyone in Delhi Public School, Fulbari as the school witnessed its 2nd Athletic Meet on 19th July 2019 in the campus itself with full of energy and enthusiasm of the students. The programme was very well coordinated and was executed to perfection.


  1. Class Wise Open House Session With Parents – Class & section wise open house session was conducted with parents from classes Nur to VIII. It has started from 18th July 2019 and continues till 31st July 2019. Headmistress, class teachers and respective subject teachers address the open house. It was very interactive session; parents got opportunity to share their views, discussed about their ward’s performance related to academic as well as co-curricular activities. Also gave suggestions and feedback which is good for school and the areas of improvements as per their knowledge and experience. It was very impactful and we also got an opportunity to know our parents better through this one to one interaction session. All the parents were happy and appreciated. This will be our continue practice will keep as our calendar activity.


  1. 27th July 2019 -Table Tennis Tournament (Boys & Girls) - Table Tennis Tournament was held at school premises on July 27, 2019. The tournament was divided into two categories (Group A & B). Each group was sub-categorized into Boys and Girls division. The students of class III to VIII participated with lots of fun, energy and interest.


  1. 1st August 2019 – Debate Competition (VII-VIII) – Debate competition was held at school premises on 1st August 2019. There were two teams competing against each other, with four members in each team. The topic for the debate was “Do cell phones cause more harm than good?” After an interesting debating session, Team Class VIII turned out to be victorious and the best speaker was awarded to one of the student of class VII.


  1. 3rd August 2019 Rakhi making activity - A fun filled activity was held on 3rd August where the students of class Nursery – VIII participated enthusiastically displaying the colorful handmade rakhis. It inculcated creativity, team spirit and enhanced their fine motor skill. The children of nursery celebrated Rakhsha Bandhan by tying rakhis to the plants. This helped to inculcate the social skills of being compassionate towards plants and enhancing their fine motor skills.


  1. 6th August 2019 – Badminton Competition (Boys & Girls) - Badminton Tournament 2019 was held at school on 3rd August, 2019. The tournament was divided into two categories (Group A & B). The students of classes III to VIII have participated in the competition with full energy and sporting spirit.


  1. 10th August 2019 Bharat Raksha Parv - Students celebrated Raksha bandhan with defense personnel. They performed songs and dances which was themed on Raksha bandhan and patriotism. They tied rakhis to the soldiers which were handmade by the students of the school. The students and the soldiers had a joyful time interacting with each other.


  1. 15th August, 2019 - Independence Day Celebration School celebrated the 73rd Independence Day with great vigour, enthusiasm and patriotic fervor.


  1. 17th August, 2019 STEP-UP III – School hosted the most awaited and spectacular event of the year for the dancing stars STEPUP III on 17th August 2019 with an added attraction of providing a platform to showcase the talents of the budding singers and dancers of across the schools of siliguri. The stage came alive when the students of different schools staged spectacular dances in the competition. The event approached its climax with the announcement of the winners’ names in different categories.


  1. 21st August 2019 – Lawn Tennis Competition (Boys & Girls) - The students of classes III to VIII participated in Lawn Tennis Tournament 2019 that was held at school on 21st August, 2019. The tournament was divided into two categories (Group A & B).Group A consisted of students from class - III to V and Group B consisted of students from class – VI to VIII. 


  1. 24th August 2019 Workshop by CINI (Children In Need Institute) – An Interactive session with Children In Need Institute (CINI) was organized at our school on 24th August 2019. The facilitators of CINI, Kolkata had an interactive session with our students. They explained their organization’s mission to the students and how they have been helping the underprivileged children of the society. They also shared real life stories, experiences and encouraged the children to step forward for this noble and social cause. The students and staff members contributed towards this noble cause with the sole motive of helping the underprivileged and the needy children. It was highly appreciated and commended by the parents as well.


  1. 22nd August 2019 Celebration of Janmashtami – The little scholars of Nur – II showcase their beautiful talents during celebration of festival of Janmashtami. The children acted the life story of Lord Krishna which showcased his birth, him; mischievously playing with his mother, stealing the curd or “maakhan” and enchantingly playing the flute. The children dressed as “Radha” and “Gopiyas” performed a vibrant dance.


  1. 29th August 2019 National Sports Day Celebration - School celebrated National Sports Day with enthusiasm and vigor. The special assembly began by giving a floral tribute to Major Dhyan Chand, the legendary hockey icon. The school choir performed a modified version of the original song “Champion” by Dwayne Bravo, a well-known cricketer and the children enacted different games and sports which energized the whole atmosphere.  


  1. 31st August 2019 Inter House Quiz Competition (III-VIII) - Inter House Quiz Competition was held on 31st August 2019. The representatives of four houses played this competition intellectually and with winning spirit. The students of classes III to VIII were there to cheer them up and support their respective houses.


  1. 2nd September, 2019 – Mid-Term Examination – The Mid Term Examination for the session 201-20 was conducted from 2nd to 20th September, 2019.


  1. 4th September 2019 – Activity to Know Social Helpers at School - The little learners of class nursey and preparatory were taken for a gallery walk to introduce them to the “helpers” around the school – gardener, canteen helper, security personnel, cook, carpenter and caregiver. This activity was conducted to give them a concrete notion about the people helping us and the valuable service they provide to all.


  1. 5th September 2019 - Teacher's Day Celebration - The Dipsites celebrated Teacher’s Day with admiration and excitement. The students had organised a programme for the teachers where they participated in numerous performances. The event began by paying a tribute to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan which was followed by various musical performances by the students. It was indeed a day filled with adulation and love.


  1. 14th September 2019 – Hindi Diwas – School celebrated Hindi Diwas on 14th September 2019. The event began with a prayer and pledge in Hindi. The mentors conducted seminar on Hindi Diwas for the students of class I-VIII.  It was followed by a narration on how the Hindi language got recognized in the Indian constitution in the year 1949 as ‘Rajbhasha’. The objective was to enlighten the students about the importance of Hindi language and the significance of celebrating Hindi Diwas.
  2. 26th September 2019 –Special Assembly – School celebrated the 200th Birth Anniversary of Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasaga on 14th September 2019. Celebration began with the garlanding of his portrait and narration of his life history. A presentation on his social reforms was also shown to the students. The program concluded with the recitation of a Bengali poem in his honor.


  1. 27th September 2019 - Inter-House Basketball Competition (Boys & Girls) - An inter-house basketball competition was held on 27th September, 2019 and the students of classes enthusiastically participated in it. 


  1. 3rd October, 2019 PTM/Report Card Day - The Mid Term Exam Report Card day and the Parent Teachers’ Meeting for the session academic session 2019-20 was held at the school premises on 3rd October, 2019 for classes Nur  to VIII. It was an interactive session. The teachers discussed the academic and non academic performance, progress and shortfalls about the students with their parents and guardians.


          Academic  Programme / Meets. Inter DPS Sports and Cultural Events –

  • Academic  Programme / Meets
  1. Induction Programme for new school heads (DPS, HRD) - The Headmistress Ms. Monowara B Ahmed was invited and she attended the Induction Programme for new school heads held at DPSS HRD Center, New Delhi from 23rd to 26th April, 2019.


  1. Quality Assurance Programme (QAP)The students of class VI has participated in QAP initiated by DPS Society. Under the QAP the test was conducted in two subjects, Mathematics and English held on 23th January 2019.  100% students participated in this programme.


  1. Teachers’ workshop on Early Childhood Education (DPS, HRD)- Ms. Madhumita Roy attended the Certificate Course in Early Childhood Education Batch XXII: Phase III organized by the DPS, Society at HRD Center, Dwarka from 19th to 20th July 2019


  1. Teachers’ workshop on Hindi (DPS, HRD)- Ms. Sushma Pradhan was invited and she attended the workshop organized by DPS, society on Hindi in the age of Media & Information Technology’ held at DPS, Dwarka Campus, Delhi from 10th to 12th September 2018. 


  • Inter DPS Sports and Cultural Events –
  1. Inter-DPS English Literary Festival – MUSINGS 2019 - Students of classes VI, VII & VIII is participating in Inter-DPS English Literary Festival.
  2. Inter DPS Gandhian Heritage Festival – Itihas Ke Jharokhe Se 2019 – Students of classes VI, VII and VIII are participating in Activity 2.2 – Abhivyakti – Inter DPS National Art Exhibition 2019…..Mann Mein Bapu


  30.   11th November, 2019 First round of the National Science Olympiad conducted

         The students of VI- VIII participated in the first round of National Science Olympiad at DPS,

         Fulbari on 11th November, 2019. Three students qualified to the second level: Miss



        DAS (VII), Master MANISH KUMAR (VI) and Master PUSKAR ROY (VIII)


31.   14th November, 2019 Children’s Day and  Pandit Nehru Jayanti celebrated

 Children’s Day was celebrated at Delhi Public School, Fulbari with a lot of zeal and fun. The celebration commenced with the garlanding of the portrait of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to pay a humble and sincere tribute to him. The teachers performed variety of musical and dance acts which mesmerized the children. The children enjoyed the programme thoroughly and it   concluded with a small message by the school Headmistress to the children.


32.  23rdNovember, 2019 Zenith II -The cultural Extravaganza

Zenith II the momentous event of DPS, Fulbari was held with pomp and grandeur on 23rdNovember, 2019, along with the celebrity artist Mr RupankarBagchi as the showstopper. All the students exuberantly participated in the cultural extravaganza to exhibit their multidimensional skills.

  33 . 30thNovember, 2019 Inauguration Ceremony of North Bengal Book Fair

       The Dipsites of Fulbari performed in the inauguration ceremony of the North Bengal

        Book Fair 2019. The students presented classical fusion dance, choir song and poem



  34. 2nd  December, 2019 Workshop on Good touch and Bad touch

      Workshop on Good touch and Bad touch was conducted for the students of Nursery-VIII in the school premises to create awareness and alertness among the children. The students of V-VIII were also acquainted with the POCSO Act. The workshop proved to be informative  for the students, they also clarified a few doubts regarding the same.


35.  8th December, 2019 Discovery School  Super League

    The learners of DPS, Fubari excelled in the Discovery School Super League. Master MANISH             

KUMAR (VI) and Master SAURAV SARKAR(VII) appeared for the National Level   Examination. All the students of VI- VIII DPS, Fulbari appeared for the Inter Schoo Level.


   36.  17th December, 2019 International Maths Olympiad conducted

         The students of VI- VIII participated in the first round of International Maths Olympiad at DPS, Fulbari on 17th Deceember,            2019.  Miss RITASHREDAS (VII) qualified to the second round of the  Olympiad which will be conducted on 9th February,            2020.



37.   18thDecember, 2019 GO AS YOU LIKE

           The little learners of Nursery –Class II came to school in wonderful attires and walked on

         the ramp flamboyantly. They enacted their characters confidently and gave good

          messages through their enactment and walk.


38.  18thDecember, 2019 Abacus Test

The students from Class III- Class VI participated in the Abacus Speed Test. The children 

were evaluated with speed test where they had to solve sums using the tools and

techniquesof abacus.


39.   19thDecember, 2019 Christmas Celebration

 Special Assembly was conducted to celebrate Christmas at DPS, Fulbari. The school

atrium was beautifully decorated with lights, stars and Christmas  tree. A short skit was

presented with Christmas carols by the students portraying Lord Jesus’ birth.


40.  20th  December, 2019 Art Exhibition PANORAMA 1

Panorama I, the art Exhibition was held at DPS, Fulbari showcasing the creative and

artistic skills of the students. The parents looked very excited seeing their child’s work

set on display.


41.  27thDecember, 2019 Teachers Enrichment Programme

A workshop on ‘Early Childhood Care Education’ was organised at DPS, Fiulbari where

more than 130 teachers of 26 schools attended the workshop. The attendees found  

the workshop very effective and wished to attend the same for long duration.


 42.  28th -29th December,2019 National Level Spell Bee Competition

       Master SATYAKI DAS (II), Miss SAFALTA RAI (IV), Master AVINABA MONDAL(V)   and

       Miss ARISSA CHAKRABORTY (VIII) participated in the Grand Finale Spell Bee. Miss

      SAFALTA RAI (IV) was ranked 43rd out of 350 contestantsin category 3 and Master

      AVINABA MONDAL(V)was ranked  35th out of 250 contestants in category 4.



43. 11th January 2020, Annual Sports Day FAST TRACK II

   Annual Sports Day fast track II was held with great zeal and spirit. The students flocked

intothe field displaying their sportsman spirit in a series of events. Miss SHREYA

   KAMALIA and Master SHAN ALAM of grade V were awarded as the best athletes.


44.  15th -17th January Surendra Agarwal Memorial Lawn Tennis Tournament

   SAM Lawn Tennis Tournament was organised at DPS, Fulbari. Many schools

participated in the tournament where we witnessed exciting matches. Master SAURAV

SARKAR (VII) emerged as the winner bringing glory to school.


45.  15th -17th January 1st North Bengal Table Tennis Inter School Tournament

   The first ever North Bengal Inter School Table Tennis Championship was organised in

DPS, Fulbari where 35 schools and  more than 300 players  participated in the big

event. The  tournament was played in good spirit and there had been a healthy level of

competition among the players.


   46.   23rdJanuary, 2020 SarbabharatiyaSangeet-O-SanskritiParishad


Master ROUDRADIPTA DAS (V) participated in the North Bengal Yoga Competition.

Master AVINABA MONDAL (V)emerged as one of the winners securing 2nd position and

Master ROUDRADIPTA DAS (V) secured the 3rd positionby out-performing many

students from different schools.


47.   20th -26thJanuary, 2020 Delhi Public School Fulbari Premier League

First DPS, Fulbari PremierLeague under 16 inter school cricket tournament was

organised at the school premises.  Many schools participated in the tournament

and the Special Guest on the Final day was Mr NAYAN MONGIA, former Indian wicket –

keeper and right- handed batsman.


48.   26th January, 2020  Republic Day Celebration

71st Republic Day was celebrated with full enthusiasm and patriotism. The school

contingent performed parade after the flag hoisting ceremony.  A small cultural

programme was also presented by the students.